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House & Pet sitters in Santa Barbara & Montecito.

We offer very special sitting services at low cost.

Our house sitters in Santa Barbara are highly qualified; mostly professionals or executives. The average cost? You'll be pleasantly surprised; it is generally very low indeed depending on how much work around the house you'd like them to do while you're away. Please contact us for a quote.

Here are a few examples of the house sitters we provide:

A professional writer:: likes to work in nice surroundings in undisturbed peace. Enjoys walking pets and DIY. He will care for your home, clean the pool, do some odd jobs and be there nearly all the time. He will do anything from one week to a whole month for five months during the year. (more about this house & pet sitter)

One of our own staff: single, shares an apartment with others, so he likes to get away on occasion. He only house-sits a few times a year but when he does you know you are getting the best. He likes gardening, pets and horses and is 100% reliable.

A retired doctor: lives in Oregon for most of the year but likes to spend a few months in Santa Barbara, normally during the winter. She enjoys hiking, biking and surfing. House sitting your home saves her a small fortune in hotel or apartment rentals - so her charges are very low.

A part time caterer and personal chef: this young lady was born in SB and loves working with all kinds of animals, especially horses. She is available for pet sitting on an occasional daily basis or part time for up to one week at a time. (more here)

Our other house sitters are very much all of the same type. We only use sitters who are known to us personally, have impeccable references and can demonstrate integrity, sincerity and a genuine concern for the welfare of your home.

The advantages of using  professional house sitters:

  • Pet friendly.
  • Neat and tidy.
  • Likes gardening.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Enjoys solitude.
  • Respectful and caring.
  • Reliable and honest.
  • Low cost.

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